About Me

I enjoy talking to people about their business to learn what they do and how they can make it better. 

My experience guides me when helping people.

I have extensive work experience across a variety of industries and positions, ranging from the production line to the owner, which gives me a unique perspective of a company, its structure, operations, and employees. Unlike many other consultants, I can speak directly to your team and understand their specific problems regardless of their position in your business. 

Todd Grierson
Founder, Grierson Consulting

After working 14 years in many roles, I purchased Elmira Poultry. As owner and director, I lead the creation of our vision, mission statement and core values that guided us as we grew. We implemented a 15-year strategic plan that offered profit sharing to our employees and created strategic alliances with our customers and suppliers. Our process improvement team facilitated communication with our employees, from which we created standard operating procedures to fine-tune operations.

Our goal was to be the best in our industry, so we created measurable performance targets. In six years, we grew sales from $29 million to $50 million/yr, and then we sold the company for 9X earnings to J.D Sweid Foods.

From my experiences, I created the Opportunity and Manufacturing Matrix.

The Opportunity and Manufacturing Matrix is a tool used to evaluate your company and find areas for improvement. The Matrix helps us create action plans to streamline performance, increase profitability and the overall value of your business. Outcomes from the plan may include training, onsite support and guidance for your team – and it all starts with a complimentary 90-minute discovery session.

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