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Fractional COO


If your business is in need of a Chief Operating Officer, but you are not ready to hire a full time executive, start with a Fractional Chief Operating Officer. I will help you implement strategies and direct the day-to-day operations of your business. Your company gets the insight of a top operations executive without having to bear the full-time cost. It is a powerful way to achieve your organization’s goals in an affordable manner. I will help you implement strategies and direct the day-to-day operations of your business.

Business Growth & Development

Creating growth opportunities that align with your vision can be challenging. I will identify your superpowers and then explore all the opportunities to expand your business. Next we will create your growth plan along with key indicators to measure your progress. Your growth plans will be scaled to ensure the organization can properly manage all the new opportunities.

Private Coaching - Lonely at the Top

As a business owner it can be lonely at the top. You might not have anyone that you can talk to about the challenges of running a business. With the knowledge I gained from buying, building and selling my first business, I can help you. Regular coaching sessions can help:

  • Fulfil vision and goals
  • Help you gain perspective
  • Improve your leadership skills
  • Hold you accountable 
  • Boost confidence

Strategic Planning

You might think that it’s a massive undertaking, but it’s not. How do you determine what to do and when? I will help define your long term vision and create a strategic plan that will take your company to its full potential. The benefits from a strategic plan are:

  • Your team has a plan to follow
  • Employee retention will increase 
  • Strategic alliances will be created
  • You will create manageable growth

Cost Management / Key Indicators

Your ability to control costs has a direct impact on your profitability. Reducing spending and improving accounting practices will have a positive impact on cash flow. Improving your operations and processes will reduce costs and improve profits. I will provide you with the tools to help you create and measure your current profitability and create a plan to identify strategies to improve.

What information do you use to manage your business? A summary of essential information describes the overall health of your business at a glance. I will help you to identify the key areas and create the key performance indicators that will be used to measure performance as your business moves forward. 

Succession Planning & Selling

The question isn’t whether you want to sell or transition your business, it’s about preparing for when it will happen. Wether you like it or not, the time will come for you to leave your business, so you need a plan. The plan won’t determine a date, but it will help you to start planning and increasing the value of your business. The goal is to attain the highest possible return from your investment. I sold my first business for a 9X multiple, and 4X what I paid for it, and I can help you achieve a similar result.

Todd Grierson
Founder, Grierson Consulting

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