Vision - Mission - Core Values

  • Vision: what your company will look like in 10 years
  • Mission: defines the service that you offer your customers
  • Core Values: three words that define what your company stands for

Creating a clear and well-defined vision will help guide your company. Too often, a business operates without clear goals and direction. They operate day to day without thinking of the future and often come to realize that their business has not become what they wanted. My job is to help you create a clear vision, mission statement and core values that will direct you to fulfill your goals.


Strategic Plan

Your strategic plan is the detailed road map that will tell you how to achieve your vision. It will map out the most direct way to arrive at your destination. Specific actions are clearly defined to help you take control of daily activities that define outcomes. It is essential to help you get from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.


Growth Management

Some businesses have too much growth and struggle to manage it, while others are looking for growth and don’t know where to find it. By offering an objective perspective, I can help you identify areas that are holding you back and can help your company grow. Manageable growth is critical to a business’s success.


Strategic Alliances

Strategic alliances with your customers and suppliers are essential to the future of your business, Strong relationships with your suppliers can enable a shared vision and ensure a unified direction to mutual success.



How do you measure the profitability of your company? Do you have a budget and forecast to maximize profits? Is there a constant goal to increase productivity? I can give you the tools to help you create a measure of your current profitability and create a plan to identify strategies to improve it.



A one-page scorecard can tell you how your business is performing at a glance. A summary of essential information, it describes the overall health of your business at a glance. I will help you to identify the key areas that will create your scorecard. 


Organizational Alignment

Are your people in the right roles? Do you have programs to improve employee engagement and retention? How often and what do you communicate with your employees and team members? When running your business, day to day activities often become the main focus of attention. Having an experienced professional bring a fresh perspective can help motivate and implement changes to grow and improve your company’s performance. 



Looking for someone to come in and speak to your employees? I am an energetic and motivated speaker who can create an engaging presentation for any topic or message you want to communicate to your team. 

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