Do you need to rejig your business? As a successful businessman I had grown to the point where I needed to rejig mine! Todd brought a wealth of experience and an ability to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses within the structure of our company. His approach facilitated our executive team talking and helped us create a plan to execute for the next 10 years of growth.

Todd’s assistance has been a game changer. He helped me by asking tough questions, getting me out of my comfort zone, and making me think forward. Within a very short time, we are well on our way to the next level!

Stephen Jones CPA, CA, CFP

Senior Financial Advisor, Assante Financial

Having had the opportunity to work closely with Todd over the last 10 years, I’m thrilled that he has finally decided to offer his services in an official capacity. Todd brings a unique ability to see the big picture while bringing tactical focus to performance issues that drive results. Todd is the consummate “straight shooter.” I know that I can count on him for an honest assessment and sound recommendation – with proven experience and business success to back it up.

James Studak

Performance Strategy, Learning Innovation and Digital Transformation

Todd Grierson the dynamic leader of Grierson Consulting was instrumental in helping our company identify obstacles that were holding us back and opportunities for growth. His frank, accessible, no nonsense approach made the process easy. His tools are clear and his action plans are immediate. He provides quick direction that simplifies and minimizes the hard work that makes change happen. He is well worth the time and investment. I highly recommend.

Peter Hawkins

Director, MELLOHAWK Logistics

The first thing to impress you about Todd will likely be how firmly he shakes your hand, but that will be quickly followed by an appreciation for his ability to delve to the heart of any business issues AND opportunities for growth which you have. He’s so generous with his time that you might be tempted to take the nuggets of wisdom which he’ll share during a “discovery session”, but that would be a huge mistake. I strongly suggest that any business owner or executive follow through with Todd’s unique “Blueprint Session” to dig into the unmined or undiscovered growth centres which you can and should be exploring and exploiting. The only reason anyone could possibly have for not engaging Todd is that he/she is afraid of the inevitable growth which will come along very shortly. 

Claude Boiron

Real estate Broker / University Instructor / Best Selling Author / Speaker / Mentor

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